Denture Adhesive Strong bonding due power of nature Denture Adventure
Denture Adhesive
100 % food-grade ingredients ... all natural
Strong bonding due power of nature
Natural Pine Resin acts as perfect stabilisier
Denture Adventure
Regain your quality of life ... all natural

The power of nature: Pine resin

Natural pine resin acts as the perfect stabilisier for dentures. No movement, no slipping or sliding – a secure feeling all day long! NaturDent adhesive is a product for those denture wearers who avoid using any denture adhesives because of chemical ingredients. NaturDent is also an alternative product for those who would like to change to an adhesive based on natural ingredients.

Our products …all natural!

If you are a health-conscious dental wearer, and care about which ingredients you are consuming, you will find the right solution here. You are a denture wearer, who takes a lot of care on his health? Have you ever worried that conventional denture fixatives contain too much chemistry? Do you not only expect strong and long holding power, but also healthy ingredients? Haven’t you found such a product yet? We have the alternative for you!