If you are a health-conscious dental wearer, and care about which ingredients you are consuming, you will find the right solution here.

NaturDent Denture Adhesive

The world´s first denture adhesive made from Food-grade ingredients!


Extra strong holding power thanks to the power of nature!

The patented denture adhesive cream NaturDent guarantees extra strong and extra-long holding power for upper dentures and especially for lower dentures. Natural pine resin acts as the perfect stabiliser for dentures; no movement, no more slipping and a secure feeling all day long! NaturDent also provides extra protection against food particles trapped under dentures. NaturDent adhesive is a product for those denture wearers who avoid using any denture adhesives because of chemical ingredients. NaturDent is also an alternative product for those who would like to change to an adhesive based on natural ingredients.

NaturDent – the best solution for your natural smile:

  • Extra strong holding power with pine resin
  • A secure hold all day long

… and all natural!

Direction For Use:

  1. Clean and dry your dentures thoroughly.
  2. Apply NaturDent to your dentures in strips, making sure it´s not too close to the edge of the denture.
  3. Insert dentures into mouth and bite firmly. For best results, wait 15 Minutes before eating and drinking.
  4. Close tube tightly immediately after use.


For optimum cleaning of your dentures, we recommend the daily use of NaturDent cleansing tablets.